Hair Growth Stimulating Serum

The serum intensively stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Its formulation contains Tetraxidylum – an innovative complex containing higher concentrations of active ingredients which stimulates microcirculation and thus nourishes and revitalizes hair follicles, as well as increasing their integrity with the scalp.



For those who care about their appearance, having strong, healthy and shiny hair is extremely important. For centuries hair was considered a mark of beauty and strength. With age, our hair becomes progressively weaker, leading to thinning and even hair loss. But we cannot allow this problem to dominate our lives, effectively ruining our well-being and self-esteem in the process. The Oceanic brand has become a forerunner in the fight for beautiful and healthy hair. The Long4Lashes line has been gaining popularity for years in the treatment of eyelashes. Now, it will also help you take great care of your hair. The Long4Lashes Hair Growth Serum is a product designed for both women and men. Its exceptional effect is due to a concentrated formula composed of Tetraxidylum and allantoin.



Twice daily, apply the serum on the scalp where the hair is thinner and then rub it into the skin for 1–2 minutes.
Anti-hair loss treatment is greatly followed up by the Anti-hair loss strengthening shampoo as well as the LONG4LASHES Anti-hair loss strengthening conditioner.


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